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Alt Commerce is a startup that specialises in high quality, yet cheap reusable software.

You want your own event booking and ticket selling platform? TicketJoy has a fast solution for you. At very affordable prices and with high quality, we help you build your personal, customizable platform through mobile apps, a website and a cloud management system.
ShopperKeys is the solution for you to get your own, personal E-commerce high-quality platform in a quick and affordable way. All you have to do is subscribe to get your customized website, cloud management system and mobile apps.
One of the clients we helped gain an online market and digitalize their work in a cheap and fast way would be Lorem Ipsum, a digital agency that specializes in the creating of branding and marketing for other companies.
Alt Commerce is your go to platform to create, design and manage your own personalised, high-quality space - be it your website or your mobile app - at the most affordable prices.
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